Core Groups

The CORE accountability group system is a method designed to establish a relational vehicle for communication, a structure in which the gospel is lived out in a daily practical reality. God is “a TALKING God,” and we as His children must learn to be great listeners and communicators. The acronym CORE identifies key needs in the church community that CORE GROUPS can meet.





A CORE group is a relationship building, people focused, fellowship group.

The purpose of CORE Groups is to create a framework for communication and accountability. Within this structure, a group of believers can connect to one another and the church. CORE is a relational vehicle that provides encouragement and outreach through discipleship, accountability, and social connectivity.

The CORE system establishs a network of believers who together are accountable to God and one another for personal growth, discipleship, and advancing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. These groups together will form an extended network that can easily integrate new converts and newcomers into the Christian community.

CORE groups are interactive. Every member of a CORE group communicates with every other member. CORE Groups should consist of 5 individuals plus the leader or 5 married couples plus a leader couple (groups should be small enough so that everyone can sit around a table).

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